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⚕️The Doctors Will Seize You Now💉

Imagine slowly waking from a coma-like sleep, strapped immobile to a steel gurney. Your eyes adjust to the green blinding florescent lights as the sterile smell of rubbing alcohol and rubber latex hits your nostrils.

Anxiously, you roll your eyes around the operating room. You see a plethora of medical equipment, steel spikey tools, leather bondage beds, test tubes, and tons of instruments you can only guess are for intense “operations” of the torturous kind…

As if right on cue, you hear the click-clacking of platform patent leather stilettos echoing in the distance, coming closer and closer. The closer they become, the more panic starts to sink in. But this panic starts to feel exciting. Exhilarating. Like a twisted surprise…

You think: Who has bought you here, and what do they want?

The steel door creaks open next to you. Three sexy, seductive, yet devious-looking nurses stride into the room, head-to-toe in shiny, sterile latex, as if they walked out of some twisted 70’s grindhouse daydream. Their red lips turn into smirks as they stand over you: their new, helpless patient.

Your heart skips beats as you lay eyes on such stunning, heart-attack inducing beauty. The Head Nurse holds a clip board, while a brunette nurse starts preparing some sort of oxygen mask.

The Head Nurses blue eyes narrow in on you and says, “Test-subje- ahem, I mean patient number 4038. Welcome to the SMG Infirmary.

She scribbles something on the clip-board with her clean, slender, manicured hands.

“Your medial records indicate you are over-due for your…’check up.’ We are going to have to give you a full, intense examination.”

The brunette nurses give you a sly wink, then brings her gloved hand down and straps the oxygen mask to your face despite your weak protests. The red-headed nurse starts to tighten the bed-straps, making it almost impossible to move a muscle. Working together, the nurses hurry around the room gather various instruments for their procedure. You can’t help but start to sweat, your body nearly shaking from fear and excitement.

The “oxygen” starts to flow into your mouth and nose, coercing you to slip into a trance-like state. Your body and mind are completely paralyzed as the nurses stride back over, ready to initiate a full-body, intense examination.

Their latex-gloved hands come down at you from all directions. Their cold, shiny, steel medical tools creep and crawl all over your exposed skin. The more the nurses poke and prod at your helpless, feeble frame, the more you just start to let go…allowing them to fully seize control over your mind and body. Their painful, yet effective techniques start to drive you wild. The blood starts to drain from your face and pump downwards, directly to your squirming, throbbing ‘sexual reproductive organs’.

Your eyes roll into the back of your head as the nurses continue their over-due procedure. You stop questioning altogether if this is some sort of twisted dream or reality, and just accept your fate and give in to your sexy, sadistic, Medical Superiors.