The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

Was your encounter with Us mind-blowing? Otherworldly? Are you still floating sky-high in sub-space? Put in a good word and tell Us how you feel! We appreciate open & honest feedback of any kind. Send your review to: to be featured here.

Was your encounter with Us mind-blowing? Otherworldly? Are you still floating sky-high in sub-space? Put in a good word and tell Us how you feel! We appreciate open & honest feedback of any kind.

To be featured here, send your name and review to:, or scroll down and fill out the form below.


“Serving Mistress Nicole is an experience I will never forget. Don’t let her youth fool you, she is an amazing talent. From the moment I walked in she had me completely and inescapably under her control. She was an expert in multiple scenarios, seamlessly moving from one tool to the next and she knows how to use them all with perfection.

She is super hot, as good as she looks in her pictures she is far better in person. She will get in your head, she will own you, and she will make you need more. I can’t wait to see her again.”

-slave t


“I have to say, Miss Nicole is impressive. She is seductive, sadistic, and uses her amazing and twisted to make you feel comfortable and safe right before she brings the pain. Absolute best of the Mistresses I have had the privilege to work with. Young and feisty. Watch out guys. If you have the honor to work with Miss Nicole, buckle up for a wild ride!”

-sub d

Controlled By Mistress Eve

“Mistress Eve was an absolute dom! She punished me when I miss behaved. Her soothing voice is descriptive and I was absolutely in Her control.”

-slave adams

A bitch for the Goddesses Feet

“I had my first ever experience with both Mila and Aurora. It was more then I thought it would be. They were great, especially since I couldn't articulate clearly where I stand in the BDSM community from lack of experience. They still delivered. One thing I would have liked to know going in from others is when they beat you with stuff the best thing is not to hang in there for their happiness, they will hit harder until you tap out. I can't stop thinking about how their feet smelled. When I gave Mila her foot massage and she had pleasure in her face and said she enjoyed it, I have never felt more valuable. My biggest regret was that I never got to honor them by releaving them of their sweaty feet and socks from the hot day and saver the taste of their perfection for the rest of the day. It was a very cool life experience. Glad I went.”

-foot bitch mike

Hazels Wimp

"I saw Hazel recently and it was mind boggling. Slowly but surely she crept into my little brain until I was willing to do whatever she asked.

Yes Mistress Hazel.Please Mistress Hazel. Thank you Mistress Hazel! I'm planning on returning soon, its a treat."

- wimpy sean

Intelligence & Grace

“I've had two sessions with these two stunning, intelligent, professional Dommes.

Mistress Alexa: Beatiful, funny, endearing, engaging, punishing. 

Mistress Mila: Aluring, punishing, confusing, gorgeous. 

They are both attentive and very talented;  I’m grateful to have met them both. Hope I get to see them again soon!”



Natural-Born Goddess

“Natasha was so hot. She humiliated me the way I deserve. A natural Goddess.”

-slave ahmed

Mind. Blown.

“Mistress Mila. Come for the beating stay for the psychology. She will blow your tiny little mind.”


Punished for My sins

“I recently had my first session with the stunning Goddesses Mila and Natasha. For my sins, they ruthlessly, effortlessly, relentlessly punished and humiliated me. My pathetic worship of Miss Mila's beautiful feet and boots was absurdly inadequate, and of course I deserved my flogging and spanking. I will try to be better in future, Mistresses.”

-Mila & Natashas Plaything

Utterly Humiliated By Cynthia & Mila

“I had a wonderful intense session tonight with two very beautiful mistresses. Mistress Mila and Mistress Cynthia really live up to the groups name. They take being mean to a new level. The humiliation and beating I took really allowed me to learn something new about myself. They were relentless but always stayed within my limits. They knew what they were doing and worked well with each other.

I am very grateful to them and I will be back!”

-slave matt

Scapegoat Sissy Bitch

“Everything is my fault. Mistress Mila and Mistress Cynthia made that clear from the start of the session. They dressed me up like a little sissy bitch with nothing but a thong, bra and makeup. They really made me their bitch. I want to come back soon and clean their room for them because I think I might have left it a little messy. That was my fault.”

-sissy tabatha

Seduced & Suffered for Mistress Cynthia

Mistress Cynthia did not disappoint. Her enchanting beauty will seduce you as her tenacious eyes measure your inferiority. After a few minutes of cordial pleasantries I found my appendages bound and raised in the air leaving my body a helpless toy for her pleasure. With grace she proceeded to tantalize my senses with a variety of instruments, alternating between pleasure and pain. Barely able to breath, my blindfold was removed and the restraints were undone, only to be lead by leash to various contraptions of erotic torture. Visions of her perfect figure kept my focus as my body drifted to another plane. By the end of our session I was dizzy and tingling from head to toe. Mistress Cynthia is not to be missed.”

 - slave evan

Mean GIrl Bully Beatdown

"I booked a school bully beatdown and humiliation session with Mila, Hailey and Kayla, and they definitely lived up to their Mean Girl image.  They were a pleasure to work with and were very professional setting up the session.  After a quick conversation, the three of them did not waste any time overpowering me, pinning me to the ground, and absolutely owning me.  Not only did I receive a series of beatdowns, but I was also humiliated with cheese whiz and numerous pies and eggs.  To "wash me off", they shoved my head in the toilet for several swirlies.  I highly recommend them for anyone in Manhattan, and I will definitely be returning the next time I'm in the area!"



"Tonight was my first session. Mistress Kayla was absolutely amazing, better than I could have ever imagined, She is drop-dead gorgeous and wickedly smart. Our session was on the sensual side (my preference) and she definitely pushed my limits and got me out of my comfort zone. I can't wait to please her next time! She can tease better than anyone I have ever met!!! OMG, she was that good!"

-billy b


"I had the pleasure of serving Goddess Leonessa last Thursday night. She is gorgeous from head to toe. Her eyes are piercing and her curves are superior. Upon meeting her the demeanor was clear that she was in control. I love that she is a little younger than me and of such high caliber. She had me put on a chastity belt and abused me with a flogger and candle wax. She graciously let me kiss her feet, ass, and breasts and allowed me to be the little slut I am deep down. Eventually I was released from chastity but had to eat all the pre-cum on the device. She then teased and denied me as she tortured my balls and nipples. I look forward to coming back to serve Goddess on a deeper level and be of service to the rest of the Soho Mean Girls."

-slave chris

sissified & bare-bottom spanked

 "I recently sessioned with Goddess Mila and Goddess Victoria. They were both dressed in tight jeans and sexy tops and had me bare ass naked as soon as the session started. Tied my hands behind my back bent me over and flogged my bare bottom with my own belt. After turning my ass bright red they put a little pair of pink panties on me and paraded me out in front of the other Dommes. Then to all the goddesses amusement they bent me over pulled my panties down to my ankles exposing my red naked backside and proceeded to spank me. I was so humiliated and so thankful."

- Mila's sissytoy

Lady Luger, The Beautiful & Brutal

"Mistress Lady Luger..... Wow! So beautiful and brutal (but only if you want the brutal). I was helplessly tied spread eagle as she caned and flogged my inner thighs. That young lady hits hard! And with each slow, measured, and hard strike, her smile became broader and broader. I was totally lost in the depth of her eyes as she tortured my nipples. She embodies the iconic classic spectrum of torture, pain, intimacy, and pleasure. And, she is whip smart. Be careful what you ask for. You will get it!"

-Eric Trump

beautiful blonde goddess

"Goddess Leonessa has a beauty, intelligence and spark of energy that cannot be conveyed in online photos and descriptions, She must be experienced in person. Her enthusiasm and passion for BDSM is tangible and brought our session to the next level. She was very understanding of my particular needs and executed them better than I had imagined. I rarely want to see the same Domme more than once but I look forward to seeing Gonddess Leonessa again and again."

-Andrew Cross

Little Sissy Jasmine

"Unbelievable session with Mistress Niko. Can’t wait to come back again and have you make me your sissy slave, punishing my pathetic little clit."

-sissy jasmine

Loser Gets Owned

"What a wonderful amazing session with Miss Mila!!! She made sure I was completely humiliated, and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. She is truly even more stunning and beautiful in person, and I was instantly mesmerized from the moment I saw her. I'll never forget the really really embarrassing spanking she gave me that still has me thinking about our time together. Can't wait to see her again!!"

-sissy marsha

Punishing the Pig

"Miss Mila is a sweet, beautiful, hot, young Domme with an innocent look which changes 360 degree once the session starts. she really enjoy beating and humiliating men and that is what she did. she has extremely humilated me for being useless foot slave with tiny dick and punished me heavily for my mistakes. 40 canes just because i could not resist and kissed her divine foot without begging for permission. Her spit is the sweetest thing i have ever tasted, her feet aroma is the best thing i have ever smelled and her toes are the best thing i have ever sucked. Oh, i just wish if she accepts to save her golden and allow me the honor to be her human toilet.

I have fallen in love with her, i will grovel and do whatever she wants to gain the privilege of licking the dirt of her feet agin. Miss Mila i am proud being your loyal foot bitch."

-pig slave


"Oh my! im in love with mistress Mila. tried ballbusting thinking i was strong. she had me on the floor begging for mercy in 5 minutes. shes amazing i plan on seeing her many more times."

-joe wabo

Happiest Slave

"Mistress Mila is a Goddess, I am her total, complete slave. She has completely changed my life. I live for only one reason, to please her. That alone is a life worth living. She has me under her spell, I have never been more happy in my life."

-Eric Golden

Top of your Bucket List

"As the producer of well over 100 fetish parties in New York City, it's safe to say I've seen and done a lot. I've recently had the most amazing BDSM experience of my life thanks to Mistresses Mila and Luger.

I can say without hesitation that Soho Mean Girls is home to the coolest, most beautiful Dommes in NYC, they will leave you bruised and begging for more. Schedule a session with any of the Mistresses and scratch something off your bucket list, then add the 10 new things you'll want to try on your next visit!"

-Cary Monotreme (Producer, fIXE Parties)

dream Humiliatrix

"Mistress Mila is a 'Dream Come True Humiliatrix'. After my first phone call with her I could feel her superior power and intellect and knew right away I had finally found the Perfect Goddess. I have had a couple real time sessions with her and words cannot express how totally awesome she is. I recommend all subs should experience a session with her.'

-little missy

Mistress Mila's Ashtray

"Absolutely loved having Mistress Mila strip me bareass naked before her, then proceeding to blow smoke in my face & use me as her personal ashtray. Awesome, exciting experience."

- fat mike

True Goddesses

"Before my session, I met a few of the girls, all of which were polite, professional, and absolutely stunning. Fell to my knees instantly!" 

- slave R

the empress’s loyal subject

"I had the good fortune to session yesterday with Empress Xian. Yes, She is drop dead Gorgeous! Yes, She is Hot and Sexy! And yes, She is 100% Dominant and in control! What impressed me the most though, is how she got in my head, subtly at first and then not so subtly, psychologically humiliating me in a way I have never been humiliated before in almost 40 years in the scene. She is amazingly intuitive and uses her intuition like a weapon, on top of all of her other skills - both in the sensual and corporal realms. You do not want to miss a chance to see Her if you are fortunate enough to reach out when She is available."

- slave dave


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