The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

From Left to Right - Miss Mila, Mistress Cynthia, Mistress Lady Luger, Mistress Natasha, Mistress Alexa

About Us

The Soho Mean Girls are an exclusive collective of NYC based Pro-Dominas who specialize in safe, sane, consensual, legal, and professional BDSM/Fetish play.

We strive to maintain an impeccable reputation within the BDSM world, with our clients and fellow kinky professionals alike. Our diverse, multi-talented, and powerful legion of badass Dominas pride Ourselves in the ability to create cathartic experiences for those who seek real & authentic BDSM play with a true understanding of the necessity of kink.

For individuals who are unfamiliar with BDSM, refer to Our BDSM 101 page.

Sessions are always conducted in a safe and private environment with a plethora of equipment at Our disposal. When contacting Us, provide your name, age, kinks, availability, and which Domme(s) you are inquiring about. Same day appointments preferred, with at least two or more hours notice beforehand.

Absolutely NO sexual services, do NOT even bother to ask. We are BDSM Professionals seeking only true submissives and fetishists, and expect to be treated with the utmost respect. Clients with inability to understand these conditions + time-wasters will be ignored, blocked, and blacklisted.

We invite you to come explore your deepest, irresistible desires and kinky fantasies with Us, without fear or judgement. Allow Us to take the reins and guide you through heart-pounding, endorphin-pumping exploits of pain, pleasure, and ultimate subspace.