The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

🐖Tuesday Pig Roast🐷

Just another Tuesday Night deep in the Soho Lair… The Girls decided to have some extra fun tonight with one of their prized pig slaves, porky. 🐷

We proceeded to yank him out of Our barn, chain him up, hogtie him, and pull him into Our torture chamber…

He then proceeded to bow, beg, squeal, and thank his Goddesses for the privilege of even being taken out to “play”. Because lets face it…He knows deep down that his one true purpose as an insignificant, unseemly swine is to be used, abused, and roasted like the sloppy pig he is!!! Never did he think he would have such LUCK of being able to please and suffer for his Superiors that night. Nor will he ever forget it.

As you can see by the Kodak photos We snapped, We clearly used this pig as a mere laughable object for Our entertainment; his only uses being a human punching bag, a test subject, a pain-receptor, a foot-stool, and a squishy throne for Our gorgeous asses….🍑 Until he got too sweaty and had to beat him some more for that!! ;)

By the end of the night, the pig was so roasted, sweaty, and drooling, We had to drag him back to his stable for him to recover, until next time…. 😜