The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

♣️♥️🐇 The Girls Throw a "Mad Wine Party" 🥂♠️♦️

Just another typical Wednesday night at the Soho Mean Girl Domaine…

It’s already been a long, tiring week for the Girls. Disciplining, punishing, toying, and teasing little subbie boys is hard work indeed, and what better way to get through hump day than a well-needed wine & dine break?

The Girls were craving a lavish spread of quality wine/Champagne, fresh cut fruits, nuts, and lots of sweets, because of course, being the Queens that they are, deserved it!

So, Mistress Naomi & Miss Mila decided to take a loyal, good boy from the stable and put him to work and good use, (lucky him!).

Being the good boy that he was, the little subbie rushed out and treated the girls to some new, lacy lingerie for them to lounge around in while he toiled in the kitchen preparing their luscious treats. (As well as putting on his own, pathetic purple lace thong for them to laugh at.)

Naomi kept a close eye on the little sub, making sure he didn’t miss a single request. After-all, every submissives goal and dream is to maintain utter perfection and obedience for their Goddesses. Mila kept an eye as well, making sure Her wooden paddle was within reach just in case it needed to be used accordingly…

However, the subbie was already incredibly well trained. He was quiet, eager, and attentive to every order that was barked at him. However, every now and then, his eyes wandered. His focus, broken. He couldn't help but oogle and even drool at the sight of that lingerie, pressed and hugging the stunning, immortal bodies of his Goddesses, wishing he too, was that close… Never did he think he could be so jealous of a pair of panties!

Half amused by this, the Girls wasted no time taking full advantage of his obvious weaknesses.

After the sweating subbie prepared the spread to Their liking, the Girls bent him over the coffee table, gave him a few wacks on his flabby butt, and used his own pathetic body as their table. As an object, the subbie becomes unseen, unheard, ignored, but still useful for the Goddesses comfort.

Some may think this would be a punishment, but given the circumstance, the unseemly sub was elated to have the Girls use him, touch him, sit on his head, use him as a footrest for their tired heels, etc. Despite being facedown, rendered immobile, and silent, a sense of well-being, calmness, and purpose washed over him. He was content being at the mercy and subservience of Powerful Women. Their desires, needs, wants, and fantasies came first, and he vowed to continue to improve for his Goddesses, no matter what.

🍰 Happy Hump Day ;) 🍇

- Mistress Naomi / Miss Mila x

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