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Mistress Sybil and Mistress Niko Make a Piss Bitch Cry for his Mommy

Written By: Mistress Sybil & Mistress Niko


slave j, a piss bitch who likes to be forced, thought his session was almost over when Mistress
Sybil yanked the end of the rope binding slave j’s helpless hands. “Follow Me.”

“wh-wh- where are you taking...?”
“Don’t ask dumb questions, slave.” Mistress Niko retorted, grabbing his cheeks and staring
straight into his eyes. “Whose hooves are those?” she asked pointing to the slave’s hands
dangling from the rope.

“Y-yours, Mistresses.” Niko spanked his ass. “And this vat of lumpy blubber?” She sneered.
“Y-yours too, Mistresses.”
“And this wormdick?” Mistress Sybil inquired, squatting down to tug on the clothes pins clipped
to the slave’s worthless balls.
“They are yours, Mistress, everything is yours.” 

“Then why the fuck,” Mistress Sybil sprung up, taking his nipples and twisting them in her black
leather gloved hands, “did you think you could ask where We are taking Our property?” He
winced as Sybil twisted his nipples harder. Mistress Niko began to paddle his ass, which was
already red and welted from the past hour, to make sure he got the message.

“I-I- I-I’m s-s- so sorry, Mistresses,” he pled, his breathing labored and his dick hardening.
Mistress Sybil and Niko stole a look at each other and laughed – not only did they find humor in
his suffering, they could hear in his breathing how badly he wanted it.

“That’s right you are, pig scum. So, follow. Me.” Mistress Sybil instructed, leading him to the
bathroom - Mistress Niko paddling him when he became slow, slovenly, or when he simply
annoyed either of the Mistresses in Charge.

Once they arrived, Mistress Sybil instructed him into the tub, and secured his bound hands to the
socket. Fearing what was to come, but knowing better than to speak, slave j looked anxiously at
Mistress Niko, pleading.

“Don’t give me that face, whore.” She cooed, as she walked over to the tub, delicately placing
the paddle down on the toilet. She stepped up onto the edges of the tub, towering over his fat,
unseemly body. She, a slender, strong, young Goddess – and he a disgusting, useless old pig.

“Please Mistress, I changed my mind, I’m not ready. I don’t want it, I don’t want it” he
pleaded. “It’s too late” Mistress Niko taunted as Mistress Sybil secured the piggy’s treat, “your
only purpose is to amuse us. And we couldn’t care less about you being ready or not.” Slave j
was trembling, vibrating the web of red rope that encased his body, pre-cum dripping on to his

“Here, dear” Mistress Sybil handed a shiny bottle of Dom Pérignon to Mistress Niko, and laughed as Her pathetic bitch tried to escape. “There’s no way out of this, fuckface” Mistress Sybil sneered.
“The only way out is if you do exactly what we want. So, open that whore mouth of yours, and
get ready to drink every drop of this delicious, irresistible golden nectar, like the slutty pig you are.”

Kneeling next to him, Mistress Sybil wrapped her delicate fingers around slave j’s mouth and
forced it open. “he’s ready” Mistress Sybil said to her fellow Goddess. Give it to him. In one
swift movement, Mistress Niko popped the cork and began pouring the shimmery, effervescent liquid onto his face, laughing as it splashed all over his mouth, chin, neck, and began to dribble down his head. “Take it, bitch” she instructed, “take every drop of this magnificent gift we are bestowing on you.” With his mouth full, gurgling for air, slave j managed – as previously instructed by his Mistresses – to meekly mumble “Mommy!!” as he orgasmed, his fantasy actualized.