The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

Get To Know The Girls


South American Mystical Goddess well versed in training submissive males to worship at Her perfectly pedicured feet.

 Stats: Age: 24 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 8 /



Mistress Victoria is a beautiful and clever Domme who has a perverse and sadistic mind. Years of personal experience with a creative mind to open you up to new submissive horizons. Kinks that she finds most enjoyable are as follows. Intense Corporal Sessions, Tease and Denial, FTT, CBT, Foot/Leg Worship, Flogging, Slapping, Bondage, OTK spanking.

Stats: Age: 28 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 8.5 /




Mistress Evelyn looks like the innocent flower, but is the serpent beneath it. With a blackbelt in martial arts, this Mistress will whip you into shape with unruly force. She can just as easily delve into your psyche, bending your pathetic self to her every whim, exerting total control. She specializes in corporal punishment, flogging, humiliation, degradation, blackmail, financial domination, breathplay, CBT, service submission training, trampling, medical play, smoking fetish, tease & denial, sensory deprivation, and more. 

Stats: Age: 24 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 7



The minute you cross the threshold to My room, you’re entering a portal into My realm. Pain and torment will go much further than just the physical. My prowess will bring out your deepest desires, and I will break you from the inside out. You will obey every command, and should you dare not to, it will be the biggest regret you’ll ever have. I will make you cry, whine, and beg just to run your tongue across my heel like the vile little maggot you are. Be ready to endure.

Specialties include: humiliation, degradation, foot worship, boot worship, sissy/slut training, cropping/flogging/whipping, sensory deprivation, breath play, OTK spanking, pet play, spitting, and more.

Stats: Age: 21 / Height: 5’7 / Shoe Size: 9



Whip-smart, Amazonian, mean-mouthed misandrist ice queen looking to playfully punish mouth-breathing troglodyte men who have made the mistake of foolishly feeling entitled to breathe the same air as her.  If you’re feeling adventurous enough for an encounter with a sexy apex predator with a penchant for knowing what kind of punishment you need before you even beg for it, then crawl on your hands and knees into the web of this regal huntress tonight. Specializes in: tease & denial, extreme verbal degradation and corporal punishment, CBT, ashtray training, pet-play, spitting, forced intoxication, and body and foot worship. You’ll leave begging for more with a blown mind and a bruised ass and ego.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5' 10" / Shoe Size: 9



This sadistic rock-Goddess is as harsh as the punk underground, and only the truest masochists can appease Her. Named after the majestic lionesses of the wild, she thrives off toying with Her weak, whimpering prey. Dare to dance with a true Cherry Bomb ;) Her specialties include foot worship, ass worship, body worship, human furniture, age-play, chastity, humiliation, human ash-tray, corporal punishment, cbt, and much, much more.

Stats: Age: 19 / Height: 5'3" / Shoe Size: 7.5



I pride Myself in being a bitchy, aggressive, and authoritative Humiliatrix, with a penchant for inflicting harsh physical and psychological punishment on poor pathetic beta-males who can't help but fall in love with Me. As I stare at you with My piercing, dark malevolent cat-eyes, it won't take long before you spill out your deepest, darkest, masochistic/humiliating fantasies from the confounds of your weak mind. Despite My naturally sadistic & malicious nature, I'm extremely versatile with a soft-spot for sissies, and will not hesitate to revert to a more playful, teasing side, if need be. My specialties are: sissy/slut/maid training/forced-feminazation/total emasculation, extreme humiliation, OTK spanking, SPH, chastity training, edging/blue-balling, ruined orgasm, T/D, corporal punishment/single-tail/paddling/caning/flogging, CBT/BB/humbler, behavior modification, bondage, pet-play, foot worship, latex/leather/material worship, slapping, spitting, forced-intox/consumption, breath-play, sensory deprivation, human furniture, smoking, etc.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 8




I'm an American Humiliatrix with German blood that exists high in the ranks with years of experience under My studded belt. I have zero tolerance for your BS and will have both your face and ass burning red before I even begin toying with your weak ego. THATS, how good I am ;) I love: humiliation, sissy/slut training/forced-fem, chastity training, puppy/pet/pony play, degradation, obedience training, SPH, bare-bottom OTK spanking, ballbusting, slapping, spitting, nipple torture, CBT/ballbusting, bondage, corporal punishment, etc.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 9



I'm a Canadian born natural dominatrix with years of experience under my belt. I'm well versed in a slew of different fetishes and kinks. I'm extremely versatile when it comes to role-play as well. I can be sweet yet firm, or vicious and commandeering, it all depends on the fantasies your submissive little mind can come up with. Between us, we are sure to mix up quite the tantalizing session. Whether you're a novice or the most experienced sub in town, you will be beyond satisfied. Walk in ready to serve your mistress, and leave worshipping a goddess you never thought up in your wildest dreams. Some things I love include; sissy training, puppy training, corporal punishment, nipple torture, whipping, caning, over the knee spanking, foot/boot worship, verbal/physical degradation.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'4" / Shoe Size: 7.5