The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

Get To Know The Girls



This sadistic rock-Goddess is as harsh as the punk underground, and only the truest masochists can appease Her. Named after the majestic lionesses of the wild, she thrives off toying with Her weak, whimpering prey. Dare to dance with a true Cherry Bomb ;) Her specialties include foot worship, ass worship, body worship, human furniture, chastity, humiliation, human ash-tray, corporal punishment, cbt, and much, much more.

Stats: Age: 19 / Height: 5'3" / Shoe Size: 7.5



I pride Myself in being a bitchy, aggressive, and authoritative Humiliatrix, with a penchant for inflicting harsh physical and psychological punishment on poor pathetic beta-males who can't help but fall in love with Me. As I stare at you with My piercing, dark malevolent cat-eyes, it won't take long before you spill out your deepest, darkest, masochistic/humiliating fantasies from the confounds of your weak mind. Despite My naturally sadistic & malicious nature, I'm extremely versatile with a soft-spot for sissies, and will not hesitate to revert to a more playful, teasing side, if need be. My specialties are: sissy/slut/maid training/forced-feminazation/total emasculation, extreme humiliation, OTK spanking, SPH, chastity training, edging/blue-balling, ruined orgasm, T/D, corporal punishment/single-tail/paddling/caning/flogging, CBT/BB/humbler, behavior modification, bondage, pet-play, foot worship, latex/leather/material worship, slapping, spitting, forced-intox/consumption, breath-play, sensory deprivation, human furniture, smoking, etc.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 8




I'm an American Humiliatrix with German blood that exists high in the ranks with years of experience under My studded belt. I have zero tolerance for your BS and will have both your face and ass burning red before I even begin toying with your weak ego. THATS, how good I am ;) I love: humiliation, sissy/slut training/forced-fem, chastity training, puppy/pet/pony play, degradation, obedience training, SPH, bare-bottom OTK spanking, ballbusting, slapping, spitting, nipple torture, CBT/ballbusting, bondage, corporal punishment, etc.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 9




Mistress Sybil will see through your submissive soul and into your darkest fantasies. Cleverly sadistic, she derives the ultimate pleasure in finding creative ways torture and train Her subservient play things. Prepare at awe at Her statuesque beauty, golden hair, and powerful physique. As soon as you see Her, you will be under Her spell, begging to worship Her size 9 feet. Specialties include: humiliation/degradation, spanking, whipping, flogging, sissy/slut play, CBT/ballbusting, corporal punishment.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'10" / Shoe Size: 9 /




Asian-American Goddess. Playful, catty, adventurous, and mean. Mistress Niko was once just a good girl with some dark fantasies. But She was also far too curious for Her own good. The very first time She tied up a man and whipped him, She was highly addicted. Now, Niko is a true Sadist. She gets a thrill from controlling men with Her erotic power, from giving pain and withholding pleasure. She loves unlocking the deepest parts of their psyches, and discovering what will make them reach transcendence. Favorite activities include: spanking, whipping, sissy play, tease & denial, CBT, foot worship, breath-play, spitting, and FTT.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'4" / Shoe Size: 6.5 /





The moment this Eastern European beauty steps into the room, Her doll-eyes, vivacious charm, and mischievous smile will already have you melted in the palm of Her hands. Known for mysteriously making grown men cry, Mistress Olga has a sadistic side that can be unleashed at any moment, despite Her sweet-looking exterior. She enjoys dishing out: a good, hard, over-the-knee spanking, humiliation, sissy-play, pet-play, foot worship, whipping, flogging, wooden paddles, gagging, spitting, face-slapping, T/D.

Stats: Age: 24 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 8





Stacie is an experienced Domina with an acerbic wit and a firm hand. A soft voice, with a gentle giggle and sensual touch, she will lead you to believe she likes you. This is only the beginning of your torture. She believes men need to learn their place at the bottom of the totem pole, and completely surrender to the totality of Femdom. She expects complete submission from her slaves, and Her only delight is seeing you struggle, whimper, cry out in pain.

Stacie is experienced in many forms of S+M, including bondage, CBT/BB, humiliation, impact play (including caning and single-tail), OTK, NT, GS/BS, smoking, and ABDL play.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 8