The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

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Photos and Bios of the current Dominas in the Soho Mean Girls


(Starting Wednesday Nov 7th)

The Japanese - American Goddess is baaaaaack to rule over her lowly peasants. Haughty, bratty and yet utterly stern when necessary. Bow down before her and worship at the altar of her high heeled boots. Mistress Nikita’s favorite activities include verbal humiliation, face slapping, corporal punishment, foot and heel worship, over the knee spanking, forced femme, pet training, CBT and more.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 8


Visiting Domme Stephanie hailing from South Florida lands in NYC like a vicious hurricane, but only for a short visit to our glorious city. In-Depth bio coming soon.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 7


Dubbed the "Corporal Punishment Queen of Pain", I'm an American Humiliatrix with German blood that exists high in the ranks with years of experience under My studded belt. I have zero tolerance for your BS and will have both your face and ass burning red before I even begin toying with your weak ego. THATS, how good I am ;) I love: humiliation, Financial Domination, sissy/slut training/forced-fem, chastity training, puppy/pet/pony play, degradation, obedience training, SPH, bare-bottom OTK spanking, ballbusting, slapping, spitting, nipple torture, CBT/ballbusting, bondage, heavy corporal punishment, etc.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 9


Cynthia is a badass bleach-blonde Goddess hailing from the depths of the Pacific Northwest. This voluptuous goddess, has no qualms about reminding you that your place is beneath her. She isn’t afraid of punishing and hurting you physically as well as bruising your ego. If you do dare to stare into her deep blue eyes you will quickly realize the power she has over you. She can see your utmost fears and insecurities and force you to face and accept them. Mistres Cynthia immensely enjoys heavy humiliation scenarios, face slapping, domestic servitude, corporal punishment, forced femme training, nurse/medical play, heavy bondage and much more. You will leave feeling humbled, small, obedient and adjusted to take on your new  role in the role world - serving superior women. 

Stats: Age: 20 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 7


This long-legged goddess was born and raised a good catholic girl in the Midwest with a inner Domme screaming to get out. Some of my favorite activities are ego bruising. Heavy corporal punishment. Slapping your face. Humiliation. Sissy training. Prostrate yourself before her.!!

Stats: Age: 22 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 7.5


I pride Myself in being a bitchy, aggressive, and authoritative Humiliatrix, with a penchant for inflicting harsh physical and psychological punishment on poor pathetic beta-males who can't help but fall in love with Me. As I stare at you with My piercing, dark malevolent cat-eyes, it won't take long before you spill out your deepest, darkest, masochistic/humiliating fantasies from the confounds of your weak mind. Despite My naturally sadistic & malicious nature, I'm extremely versatile with a soft-spot for sissies, and will not hesitate to revert to a more playful, teasing side, if need be. My specialties are: sissy/slut/maid training/forced-feminazation/total emasculation, extreme humiliation, OTK spanking, SPH, chastity training, aversion therapy/shock therapy, ruined orgasm, FinDom, corporal punishment/single-tail/paddling/caning/flogging, CBT/BB/humbler, behavior modification, bondage, pet-play, foot worship, latex/leather/material worship, slapping, spitting, forced-intox/consumption, breath-play, sensory deprivation, human furniture, etc.

Stats: Age: 24 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 8


Mistress Trinity is a stern, authoritative and uncompromising Domina. She will make you blurt out your innermost submissive fetishes while begging on your hands and knees at her spiked heel boots. She enjoys, heavy flogging, face-slapping, latex/boot worship, trampling and more, join as one of her minions in the stable.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 8




Petite but powerful, Mistress Carmen is a feisty Latina that’ll have you submitting to her demands effortlessly. This seductress has a sharp tongue and even sharper touch. She loves giggling to the sounds of suffering men, and loves being worshipped endlesslly. Mistress Carmen is pleased by whipping, bondage, sissification, degradation, and full submission by her subjects.

Stats: Age: 22 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 5.5