The Soho Mean Girls

A collective of some of the most multi-talented, badass Dominas to ever grace NYC.

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Photos and Bios of the current Dominas in the Soho Mean Girls



Mistress Trinity has seen it all, and therefore wants none of your shit. Stern, authoritative, and uncompromising, she'll make you work for an experience you'll never forget. Prepare to bow down before her seven-inch heels and show your devotion!! If you think you can handle her, ask her about shibari, flogging/spanking, heavy bondage, face-slapping, ball-busting, latex/boot worship, financial domination, and trampling.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5’6” / Shoe Size: 8


Mistress Nicole is a mysterious Domina who may have a innocent looking face, but when she is commanding helpless men, you then may see how truly ice cold she is for her own delight. Her dark blue eyes will captivate you while she demands to be worshipped like the seductive Goddess that she is. You will be easily influenced to comply or you will suffer the consequences of her wrath. She looks forward to making you surrender your entire being. Her expertises include but are not limited to impact play, humiliation, various role play scenarios, sensory depravation, spitting, trampling, foot worship, cuckolding, forced femme / sissification.

Stats: Age: 19 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 8


Mistress hazel is a fiery Latina goddess. Her intelligence, creativity and adventurous nature with her sadistic mind combine to provide a uniquely intense session. I take pleasure in psychologically and physically. Some of my favorite activities include : CBT, Corporal punishment, food worship, humiliation, role play, face slapping, sissification, sensory deprivation.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'5" / Shoe Size: 8


An empress of pleasure and pain Mistress Lee commands life with her mantra: “grip life by the balls” and then some. Born a deviant little saint, she rebelled from a young age, setting her own set of rules in tow. She is the perfect cocktail of East meets West, and has been trained in the art of professional needle play and piercing, as well as rope dominance. Prepare yourself to abide to her strict rules and meet her exceedingly high standards.
A single strike of her bamboo cane, has the ability to strip you of your pretenses, leaving you wearing only your authentic, most vulnerable state.

What gets her going: corporal punishment, bondage, needle play, nipple torture, sissy training, puppy play, and sensory deprivation.

Beneath her.Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'3" / Shoe Size: 8


The all American girl next door you could never have. I'm here to train unruly men. I have a thirst for bending submissive to my every will, breaking them down to sobbing messes. I relish your pain and nothing brings me more pleasure than to see you turn into a nervous, sniveling puddle as you stare into my electric green eyes, which light up with every ounce of pain I inflict. I love to humiliate and abuse weak, pathetic beta males who fall to my delicate feet in adoration. My lean, muscular body, taught from years of fighting, is perfect for physical domination and wrestling the inferior male to the ground. My sharp intellect and curious mind will draw you in, fascinating by my exotic travels and breadth of experience. 
My specialties are foot worship, wrestling/physical domination/kickboxing, kidnapping, bondage, forced intox/consumption , puppy play, slapping, breath play, sense dep, human furniture, OTK spanking, SPH, corporal, sissification, chastity training and humiliation. Step into my dungeon and prepare to be annihilated. 

Stats: Age: 24 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 6.5


Manhattan Brat Princess Aurora. Feel the sting of her quick witted sharp tongue and an assortment of whips and paddles as this enchantress renders you helpless, leaving you a quivering and begging mess prostrated before her stiletto high heels. Some of her favorite interests and scenarios include: Corporal punishment (mild to severe - although she prefers the latter), trampling, face slapping, mocking and humiliating you, forced feminization, medical role play and many more femdom techniques used to cut you down to size.

Stats: Age: 22 / Height: 5'4" / Shoe Size: 7.5


Mistress Naomi is a blonde Brooklyn bombshell, and She is simply RAGING with a nuclear force that is sure to annihilate any feeble-minded male who dare enter Her realm. Nothing pleases this mental torturess more than tapping into and manipulating the impressionable minds of Her victims. Her condescending wit and sensual instincts will have you helplessly bending at her every wish in no time at all. Although She has an affinity to heavy corporal punishment, Mistress Naomi will easily tune in to Her more maternal and  taunting side for Her little sissy boys and slaves.

Mistress Naomi specializes in kidnapping and other various role play scenarios, bondage, extreme emasculation, humiliation, mental torture, sissy/slut/slave training, paddling, flogging, foot worship, puppy play, sensory deprivation and more.

Stats: Age: 23 / Height: 5'3" / Shoe Size: 6


Miss Mila is a commanding, no-nonsense, natural Femdom and Pro-Humiliatrix with years of experience in the BDSM world.

I approach sessions strategically, cracking open the mind first, curating a cathartic experience, with an understanding of the necessity of kink. I utilize My skills to swiftly disarm your ego, and dissipate any doubts you have about submission entirely.

In return, I require you to surrender your entire self to true subservience. Come with an open-mind, and you will leave floating on a cloud of sub-space.

Stats: Age: 25 / Height: 5'6" / Shoe Size: 8